My passion is to bring Truth, Joy, Hope, Love and Inspiration to all… this is the reason I am alive. Nothing gives me greater joy and reward than to see another life light up and shine. To take sadness and see it transformed to hope. To see before me, when working with another soul, a transformation. To remove the dark hole and replace it with a candle and an open doorway. I find this to be my hearts desire.

I teach those who seek the Truth. Truth is always in the eye of the beholder, but I have found that through numerology and higher guidance, Divine Connection, the transformation that this tool offers is everlasting and extensive. A numerology chart is a very deep insight into the Soul, it is also a roadmap for the user of the work that one is called to do in this lifetime.

It is through the Ancient wisdom of Numerology and the birth of Kimmerology that I have found my own inner teacher and my destiny is to share the wisdom written into your birth and name chart and give this greater meaning, transforming any blockages into true and pure potential. Numerology can be seen as part of one of the great healers. God Heals, but man is often the conduit through which healing can flow. The Pure Potential of man comes from God, for we were “Created in His Image”, and He shared with us many of His gifts. It is likely and possible that we simply disconnected from Source of this Divine Love at some point and perhaps lost our way – I know I did, but returned through wonderful guidance and Universal God Intelligence.

My background, and current integrated practice, is also in Vibrational & Lifestyle Medicine. See www.biosan.co.za

In understanding vibration, we understand everything! Numbers are another form of vibration – the language of numbers is what I aim to perfect!

“..... number underlies form, and number guides sound. Number lies at the root of the manifested UNIVERSE.....”

My passion and belief lies in the art and science of healing from within to without. The paradox being that one must go within in order to heal the “with-out” . Without knowledge of the SELF, we know not how to attain wisdom nor how to reach our highest potential. To Know THYSELF is Everything! Knowledge may be power but without Self Knowledge you may just be performing on a stage that has no true spiritual growth or understanding. This can be felt in one’s life as, having achieved all things material, and having a family or loved ones and the home and business or job of your dreams and yet feeling empty, or as if something is missing or detached. There is a sense of lack or disconnection from one more thing.

Numerology taps into all dimensions: the body and soul knowledge, memory, and wisdom within. There are so many levels and so much potential healing that can occur in one session and the approach is often multi-dimensional.

During my journey with Vibrational Medicine I encountered the subject of Astrology (as early as 1995)and then Numerology (1999). My boss in this year, gave me the gift of a Numerology chart when I was leaving her medical practice to join another specialist physician. She said the Chart would guide me forever. She certainly was on point! Numerology resonated instantly. I began my studies in lifepath numerology in 2008 more seriously and started incorporating this aspect of numerology with every client who was open to receiving. So in sitting down for their tests and consultations they also became aware of their lifepath number, their purpose, their strengths, weaknesses and lessons to learn. Even with this small aspect of numerology (50% of the chart) they were transforming with self knowledge. I became so excited as I watched the opening up of what was hidden before.

By dealing with each layer, as it appeared, clients remained tuned into the healing process of the Self. This was the integration I had always been seeking. Integration of knowledge of the Self. By following all the clues and guidelines in number patterns and positions, a journey to WITHIN can begin and realisation of the PURE Self is possible. In my life, Numerology helped me to see what I needed to deal with: It took deep emotional wounds, and gave them context; it explained a deeper meaning in the great questions of “WHY ME?”, and, also pointed to a doorway that said: “This way from here”. The gift of Numerology is continuous because as we evolve through self Knowledge, more of these questions and wounds need to be dealt with. Numerology also gave my relationships context and brought healing to this area of my life.

Numerology chart reading is deeply PERSONAL journey and there is no single session “cure” with a magic potion! The magic lies in the resonance of certain events and also certain realizations about One’s Self. All this brings a sense of identity, confidence and reality.

I wanted to know why I was given the life I was given because until 2008, nothing really made sense to me. I was 35 years old and frustrated by the meaning of my life and everything around me. I felt as if I was following a guidebook that possibly belonged to another traveller! I was filled with so much self-doubt and although a regular meditator and yogi, I constantly felt like there were misunderstandings and grey areas that held me back from reaching my full potential.

Fortunately my Higher Self was well in-tact, and at the exact right moments, each step of the way I was shown the next chapter I needed to learn. Like all things, learning often comes through change and adversity : “smooth seas do not make skilled sailors”.

My path became clearer and clearer to me through every wind of change. And there were many! Numerology was my roadmap and Higher Divine Guidance, my crystal clear ‘Voice in the Silence’. I often thank The Ancients for this wonderful tool! It is ETERNAL because Numbers are written into the Universal Consciousness of everything. Every blade of grass, every cell and every living thing.

This therapy is integrative and follows ancient wisdom as the “travellers guide”. It also embraces the potential for emotional release and paradigm shifts, it brings a kind of self- awareness and self-knowledge and a Spiritual doorway to be explored and pursued.

Kimmerology, my signature of Numerology, has brought me to a greater understanding of my purpose in life – which is to bring joy, and to be an instrument of peace and love… and to guide and inspire!

About Numerology

  • “Numbers are the key to all mysteries; number underlies form, and number guides sound. Number lies at the root of the manifested universe” – Pythagoras of Samos

  • “Numbers are the key to all mysteries; number underlies form, and number guides sound. Number lies at the root of the manifested universe” – Pythagoras of Samos